Spring Grading 2016 - First One

October 1, 2016

There were a few nervous students at the first ITF SEQ grading on 8 September. This was the night when Sabum Kris Richardson, Chief Instructor ITF Taekwon-Do Wide Bay, would be examining the students for their next belt level.


Prior to the grading starting, Chief Instructor Kris presented Instructor Dale, Assistant Instructor Leah and Ashley with their 2nd Dan ITF certificates. These certificates are issued by ITF headquarters in Vienna and provide these individuals with international recognition of their 2nd Dan status. Each certificate has a unique number and is registered in the ITF database, which manages the training history of every ITF black belt around the world. 


Patrick was the first student to present himself to Chief Instructor Kris and he did a sterling job demonstrating his understanding of the 9th gup material. Chief Instructor Kris promoted Patrick to 8th gup. 


Jen Wright applied for her 3rd gup promotion