When Can I Get a New Belt?

November 18, 2016

What to Look for in a Good Martial Art School - Part 5 - How can you progress?


Fifth in a series to help you determine which martial art school is right for you or your child.
Today's blog post provides another question to ask when you meet the instructor.
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How often are the students able to be promoted to the next belt level?


Most martial art schools will provide regular opportunities throughout the training year for their students to be examined and if successful promoted to the next belt level. The timeframe for the examinations will vary depending on the style of martial art, the quantity of material being taught between each examination and the operation model of the school.

The majority of martial art instructors will require a student to demonstrate a level of proficiency before the instructor would encourage a student to be examined. However, be cautious of instructors who say "you'll automatically grade every xx months" or "after xx lessons you'll be right to grade". 

As a student or the parent / guardian of a student who is paying training fees, it is important that you / your child receive quality martial art instruction.


Is there anything worse than thinking you're progressing through the coloured belt ranks only to realise that your skill levels don't match your training effort due to automatic / guaranteed promotions?


At ITF SEQ we provide an opportunity every three months for a coloured belt student to apply for a promotion. However, we do not guarantee that every student will be ready to grade every three months. Prior to the examination, an