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How Much Guidance Will I Get in Class?

What to Look for in a Good Martial Art School - Part 3 - Instructor to Student Ratio

Third in a series to help you determine which martial art school is right for you or your child.

Today's blog post provides another item to consider when selecting a martial art school to join.

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What is the instructor to student ratio in the class?

Taekwon-Do students doing puchups as part of a big class with only one instructor

It is always good to walk into a martial art class and see a large number of students. It gives you confidence in the instructor and makes you think "if that many students are here, this school must be good". This can be true.

However an important consideration where there are a large number of students training, is to look at the ratio of instructors to students.

If instructor to student ratio is high, for example say 1 instructor to 30 students, then the first thing to consider is how much individual tuition / correction will each student receive or will the instructor only be able to provide generic correction to the entire class.

Classes where the instructor to student ratio is around 1 instructor to 5 students may provide a better environment where students receive more appropriate individual tuition to help them achieve their goals.

Taekwon-Do instructor correcting student

At the International Taekwon-Do Federation South East Queensland (ITF SEQ), we like to maintain the instructor to student ratio of 1 instructor to around 4 students. This way we can ensure students receive individual tuition and correction to suit their learning style and training needs.

Part 4 of this blog series is available at the link below and provides further questions to ask the instructor to ensure you're dealing with a professional and well organised martial art school.

All the best in finding the right school and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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