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So you have your black belt – what’s next?

Congratulations on achieving your black belt – a great goal to be achieved, but are you now asking yourself what’s next?

Many beginning Taekwon-Do students set a goal to become a black belt and after they achieve that goal, stop training. While achieving your black belt is an excellent goal and a great achievement, there are many other goals a Taekwon-Do student can set for themselves. Particularly within ITF SEQ, there are many avenues a student can follow to further enhance their Taekwon-Do skills after reaching the black belt level.

ITF SEQ Instructors ITF SEQ offers an opportunity for black belts to become assistant instructors. Becoming an assistant instructor within ITF SEQ requires the completion of an internal six-month course under the supervision of a national or international instructor. The course manual (seen here on the right) provides information on how, what and when to teach Taekwon-Do students.

As part of the course, the trainee assistant instructor completes three theory exams and three practical exams. The theory exams evaluate the trainee assistant instructor’s knowledge of teaching methods and Taekwon-Do principles. While the practical exams assess the trainee assistant instructor’s understanding and ability to manage a class.

Progressing from assistant instructor to senior branch instructor within ITF SEQ requires an assistant instructor to gradually take on more responsibilities with the organisation, improving their knowledge of Taekwon-Do and their teaching abilities.

Senior Taekwon-Do Dan Testing

Higher Dan Levels There are nine levels of black belt with the International Taekwon-Do Federation, which is the world governing body for Taekwon-Do – headquarters in Vienna. Therefore, once a student achieves their 1st Dan black belt there are opportunities to move onto high Dan levels within ITF SEQ. The International Taekwon-Do Federation have set timeframes associated with being able to grade to higher levels and ITF SEQ have responsibilities attached with the promotion to higher Dan levels.

Black belts sparring

International Instructor To become an international instructor, a 4th Dan black belt completes an international instructor course, which is run by an 8th or 9th Dan black belt. The course runs for three days and covers aspects of teaching and Taekwon-Do techniques. After completing the course, the ITF headquarters registers the international instructor enabling them to teach anywhere in the world. It is also a requirement that international instructors complete a course every two years to maintain their qualifications.

All Australia International Taekwon-Do Federation Seminars and Events The All Australia International Taekwon-Do Federation, which is the national governing body for Taekwon-Do in Australia, regularly host training seminars, championships and other events that ITF SEQ black belts can attend. These occasions provide opportunities for black belts to enhance their Taekwon-Do skills and knowledge.

Taekwon-Do students at a grading event

If you have any questions about training with ITF SEQ, please feel free to contact us.

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