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Bundaberg's Chinese New Year Supported by ITF SEQ

The International Taekwon-Do Federation South East Queensland (ITF SEQ) supported the Bundaberg Regional Council’s Chinese New Year Celebration event. The ITF SEQ Demonstration Team performed in Buss Park in front of about 150 people showing the skills learnt with our organisation.

The audience was entertained with displays of self defence, board breaks, patterns and sparring. Participation in our demonstrations builds confidence and self-esteem in our members particularly in our younger members. In addition, performing in front of a crowd helps train the students to focus on the task at hand without distraction.

Prior to the demonstration, the team took part in the Zodiac Trail, which required children to visit 12 stations around Buss Park and perform tasks to earn a stamp in their zodiac passport. At the ITF SEQ station, visiting children were taught punching and kicking techniques into target to earn their zodiac stamp.

More photos from the demonstration can be found here.

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