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Training Tips - September 2016

Welcome to our September 2016 collection of training tips, which were published on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Staying Hydrated

Many people believe that the source of this information was a 1945 Food and Nutrition Board recommendation that people need about 2.5 litres of water a day. However, the last sentence of the recommendation says ‘most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods.’

Regardless of this information, drink plenty of water throughout the day, if you're training that night, is still a good idea.

Remaining Motivated

A simple way to stay on track with your Taekwon-Do goals is to track your progress and improvements. This can be whatever your targets are and could be increased flexibility, faster recovery rates between sparring bouts or anything you're trying to improve.

There are a great number of free apps available to do this tracking. A low-tech, but just as effective method, is a notepad and pen.

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