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Throwback Thursday - October 2016

Welcome to Throwback Thursday Blog, which captures photos of students over the years and their progress.

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October 2016 Throwback Thursday postings are of past Taekwon-Do demonstrations (which ITF SEQ provide as a service for local fetes and community fund raising activities) and a training camp at the Sunshine Coast.

This photo was taken in December 2008 at the Mango Hill Community Fete, which is one of the outer suburbs of Brisbane. Seen here, as 1st Dan black belts are (left to right) Alphege Browne, Michael Devine and Renae Beilby.

Alphege went on to be a 3rd Dan ITF black belt. Michael is currently a 4th Dan ITF black belt and Renae's daughters have started Taekwon-Do training in August 2016.

This photo was taken in April 2015 at Master Moulden's Training Camp at the Sunshine Coast. Ashley Morden and Chloe Keirnan are are both 1st Dan ITF black belts in this photo. Ashley is currently training at Chermside and was promoted to 2nd Dan in December 2015.

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