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Summer Grading 2016 - Big Night for Dan Promotions

Thursday 8 December 2016 was a huge night for Dan testings at the Summer Grading 2016 for ITF SEQ. Brent Heath was promoted to 2nd Dan International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) black belt, father and son team Jimmy and Aidan Doukas were promoted to 1st Dan ITF black belts.

newly promoted black belts with Sabum Kris Richardson

ITF SEQ coloured belt students Jen Wright, Tara Ryan-Da Cunha and Patrick Ryan put on a excellent display of Taekwon-Do skills and self defence techniques to be promoted to 2nd gup, 3rd gup and 7th gup respectively.

Yellow belt taekwondo student
Red tip Taekwon-Do student

flying side kick by black tip student

Tile break by black tip student

The grading examiner for the event was Sabum Kris Richardson, who is the Chief Instructor for ITF Taekwon-Do Wide Bay. Chief Instructor Kris reviewed the students on free sparring, board breaking, model sparring, patterns and theory.

Chief Instructor Kris also provided valuable feedback to Taylor Morden who is preparing for her 1st Dan ITF black belt examination in March 2017. It was also a significant grading for Sabum Michael Devine, who is learning to become a grading examiner.

Sabum Michael sat with Sabum Kris at the examiner's table and received instruction on what to look for in a grading student, how to manage examination forms and provide comments on the student's grading application. Sabum Michael will continue to receive instruction on how to examine students over the next 12-24 months.

Thank you to Sabum Jackson, Instructor Dale, Assistant Instructor Leah and Ashley for their assistance in running the grading and behind the scenes work.

Please click on the link to the ITF SEQ Facebook page for more photos from the ITF SEQ Summer Grading.

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