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Throwback Thursday - November 2016

Welcome to Throwback Thursday Blog, which captures photos of students over the years and their progress.

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November 2016 Throwback Thursday postings are of two ITF black belts who have had a long assoication with ITF SEQ and we are certain the assoication will conitnue.

This photo was taken in March 2005 at the Sunshine Coast when Sabum Rachanok Moulden (then a 2nd Dan ITF black belt) was warming up for her 3rd Dan examination. Sabum Rachanok, who is currently a 5th Dan ITF black belt, is living in Thailand teaching English and Taekwon-Do.

This photo of Sabum Jackson Lau, who was then a 4th Dan ITF black belt, was taken in October 2005 during a Taekwon-Do demonstration as part of the Bundaberg Harvest Parade. Sabum Jackson has relocated to Brisbane and trains at Chermside.

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