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Training Tips - November 2016

Welcome to our November 2016 collection of training tips, which were published on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Increased flexibility is one of the many beneifts from learning Taekwon-Do and the methods of improving your flexibility are many and varied.

The November 2016 training tips focus on two methods to adopt in the pursue of greater flexibiltiy. There will be more Improve Your Flexibility Training Tips in the coming months.

Dynamic Warm-ups

Previously, it was thought that holding long static stretches was the best way to warm up prior to starting your training session.

However, research now suggests a better way to warm-up before Taekwon-Do training is to do dynamic warm-ups. The movements of this type of warm-up should move the muscles in their full range of motion and create a light sweat.

Static Stretching

During Taekwon-Do training, your muscles may begin to tighten as a result of the session.

So it is a good idea to hold long static stretches after you finish training to lengthen the muscles. This may help to reduce muscle soreness the next day and help to improve your flexibility.

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