Who Does My Testing?

January 9, 2017

What to Look for in a Good Martial Art School - Part 6 - Who Conducts the Gradings


Sixth in a series to help you determine which martial art school is right for you or your child.


Today's blog post provides another question to ask when you meet the instructor.


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Who Conducts the Grading or Examination of the Students for their Belt Promotions?


This is an important question as it will give you a good insight into how the school you're considering joining operates.

Some martial art schools will only conduct internal gradings, which means the instructor who taught the students will also examine and promote the student to the next level. This situation can be fine when the instructor is providing an environment that produces skilled students. However, in some circumstances may lead to students not attenting skills levels that are equivalent to national or international standards.




Having an examiner, who is not part of the school and does not teaches the students, helps to ensure an unbiased assessment of the students. In addition, this helps ensure the skills of the students are at a national or international standard. ITF SEQ always ensure its students are graded by an external examiner who is registered with