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What Will I Learn?

What to Look for in a Good Martial Art School - Part 7 - Structured Written Curriculum

Seventh in a series to help you determine which martial art school is right for you or your child.

Today's blog post provides another item to consider when selecting a martial art school to join.

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Is there a well structured written curriculum for each grade from which students are taught?

Taekwon-Do Students ready to train

All reputable martial art schools will have a set standard for each belt grade and an expectation that each student will be proficient before promotion to the next level.

The question to ask the instructor, when you are trying to decide which martial art school to attend or in which to enrol your child, is does the school have a structured written curriculum and can you view it.

Some schools may not have a written curriculum. Instead, these schools rely on the instructor's memory as to what each student needs to know. This situation may lead to discrepencies in the standard of students across the belt levels.

15 volume Taekwon-Do encyclopedia

At the International Taekwon-Do Federation South East Queensland (ITF SEQ), we provide each student with a copy of the written curriculum detailing what they will be taught before they are eligible to apply for a promotion. This curriculum is based on the International Taekwon-Do Federation 15 Volume Taekwon-Do Encyclopedia, which provides an international standard for each belt level.

The ITF SEQ curriculum includes pattern details (name, number of movements and the meaning of the pattern), board breaking, self defence techniques, sparring and theory elements on which the student will be examined. This provides the student with an understanding of what they will be taught and the skill level they need to attain before applying for a promotion. Additionally, it provides a consistent approach to teaching by all instructors in ITF SEQ and a sense of confidence in the students that their belt level is at an international standard.

All the best in finding the right school and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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