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Benefits of Training in the Heat

Training at high altitude was thought to benefit athletes as there is less oxygen in the air, which makes the body produce more red blood cells, which in turn creates increased oxygen capacity when the athlete returns to lower altitude levels.

For most of us, this training method is unrealistic unless you have access to a plane to travel to high altitude facilities or have a hypobaric chamber. However, research in the Frontiers in Physiology suggests similar cardiac benefits may be achieved by training in hot environments.

Jumping sparring block - taekwon-do

If you’re going to try this method be sure to drink plenty of water and be conscious of how you’re feeling. Nausea or dizziness could be signs of heat stroke and you must stop immediately.

The hot weather in Brisbane, where we hold ITF SEQ classes, may provide the benefits mentioned in the Frontiers in Physiology research article. Student safety when training in the hot months is one of the primary concerns of ITF SEQ. We ensure the students are given plenty of water breaks during the class and the instructors are ever watchful of students to be aware signs of heat stroke or over exercising in the hot weather.

Please contact us if you would like more information on how to join ITF SEQ and start your Taekwon-Do and self defence skill journey.

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