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Afternoon Training may Give the Best Results

The Chronobiology International journal has found a person’s performance capabilities peak in the afternoon due to increased enzyme activity and muscular functionality.

People running in the afternoon

Therefore, an athlete should be able to push harder in the afternoon to achieve greater improvements. This is ideal if preparing for a competition or grading that is occurring in the afternoon.

However, if the competition or grading is in the morning, an athlete may need to start working out in the a.m. so their body can adjust to the upcoming morning event.

ITF SEQ provides regular classes at set times that allow the students to plan ahead, know how long they will be training and therefore how hard they can push themselves under the guidance of an instructor. This regularity of training helps to ensure ITF SEQ students achieve consistent improvements in their training goals.

Please contact us if you have any questions about training with ITF SEQ.

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